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worker in south los angeles. with gang infested housing projects that are now almost mythic, jordan downs and nickerson gardens, and i worked in these projects during what is referred to as the decade of death, when crack and unregulated gun availability laid waste to communities of color. in los angeles during the late 1980's and early 1990's, there were 1000 homicides per year in the city of los angeles, not the county, the city. now, we have between 203 hundred homicides per year. people talk about the gang problem having been addressed. i want to share with you, what i experienced, what i have learned, i am not a typical academic. i will not quote statistics to you or talk about theories. i will talk with you about practicality. pragmatic approaches, and i will talk about reality. san francisco, like los angeles learned, will never saw or deal with its gang problems effectively unless there is true collaboration. i will talk to you about what this looks like and feels like. i will speak to you about the lessons that we have learned as law enforcement had to come off of the high perch,
in sales to minors, which was out of los angeles county, and asked what they do. they do have that in their ordinance this they can charge these monetary penalties. because of the success rate i was interested in what they did and they strictly do suspension of permits. and our ordinance here in san francisco, the way we read it, it doesn't allow for any kind of monetary penalty. clearly a violation of california penal code this section 308 only allows for us to do a suspension on the permit, which was what we did in this case. >> how did you arrive at the 30 day determination? >> i took over this program. actually this was the first round of cases i received when i took over this program in april. i continued the policy that had been in place, my understanding, for years of a 30-day suspension. so i just continued the existing and standing policy the department of public health has. >> 30 days for first offense, even though you could suspend up to 90 days? >> correct. the hearing officer, of course, can reduce or increase up to 90 days or reduce to one day based on the
with the unexpected consequences from their early infrastructure design. los angeles county is a land of sprawling development. with development comes hundreds of square miles of concrete, leaving no way for water to naturally soak into the ground. in areas of such widespread urbanization, flooding can be devastating. man: back in early 1930s, the was a flooding that took a lot of lives and property. as a result, the city of los angeles, in order to protect future flooding in the city, they decided to take the los angeles river and make it a flood control channel. they concreted the walls of the river in order for water to get to ocean much faster. narrator: cities throughout southern california converted natural rivers to these concrete channels, part of their storm drain systems. this allowed expanding development without the need for large flood plains. kharaghani: the los angeles river is approximately 51 miles. concrete reduces the size of the river that you need to carry the water because it speeds up the flow of water. if you'd like to remove all the concrete and to have natural system to c
people estimated to have taken part. our correspondent was at one such a drought in los angeles. >> you are joining millions of californians. >> the mayor of los angeles hiding under a table. an earthquake drill without the shaking. at 10:18, schools and government offices joined the great shakeout. millions of people across america went through the motions of what would happen if an earthquake struck. >> we know the earthquake is inevitable. we can estimate what the damages are going to be. if people take responsibility for their personal safety, we could change the outcome. >> the city of san francisco was struck by an earthquake of frightening proportions. >> one of the most catastrophic earthquakes was in 1906 when thousands of people died in san francisco. today is the anniversary of the 1989 quake which brought down freeways. earthquakes are part of life here, but the scientists keyboarding the big one -- keep warning that the big one is long overdue. >> it is all about raising awareness. that was a simulation. it was very intense. it could be up to two minutes and that would caus
for the next generation, and perhaps gave children a chance for a future they never imagined. from los angeles, here is nbc's diana alvear with our "making a difference report". >> reporter: small fingers on their first violin. >> i was one of those children. >> reporter: the opening note. >> classical music, i just fell in love with it. >> reporter: she hopes this will grow into a lifelong passion. >> so magical and beautiful, and i love introducing it and putting it into the lives of children. >> reporter: once told there would never be a female conductor in her lifetime, sonia marie de vega is the only latina who ever led one. she founded the symphony orchestra, now celebrating its 20th year. but she says the concerts that mean the most? are the solos in front of the spellbound children, part of the discovery that brings the classics to thousands of children every year in los angeles. >> like so many public schools, the music program here has been cut back highly in the last few years. for so many students, this provides their only exposure to classical music. >> reporter: and they don't ju
. in population centers like los angeles, the scope of the task is staggering. the hyperion wastewater treatment plant serves four million people. it processes 350 million gallons of sewage and removes 500 tons of solids daily. after treatment at hyperion, what was once raw sewage is clean enough to release into santa monica bay. other cities and towns release treated wastewater, or effluent, into local rivers, lakes, and streams. as it flows downstream, additional cities may capture it for drinking water, consume it, and treat the water again. in other words, the water coming out of a wastewater treatment plant often enters the watershed, flows into intakes of drinking water treatment plants, and eventually finds its way right back to our faucets. it takes huge investments to ensure that wastewater and drinking water treatment plants function properly to maintain a safe water supply. we made the initial investments in the plants and the pipes. but once we accomplished that, there was this great recognition that we had a series of issues associated with wet weather conditions. storm events where
's not popular. i think we should cite jay walkers. they do in los angeles and i got a ticket 20 years ago and never did it again and i think we need to make the pedestrians aware of the rules and they must respect traffic as well and there needs to be outreach there. >> mr. lagos. >> yes, this is a very interesting question and it affects everybody, and i come from a city originally where the cars are king, los angeles, and one of the reasons i came here because the car isn't king here, but for pedestrians it is a problem, and i support reducing automobile traffic in certain parts of san francisco because i think there are parts of san francisco dangerous for pedestrians and bicyclists and i would support any proposal to reduce traffic and those zones in san francisco that have been shown to be dangerous for pedestrians. >> all right. thank you sir. mr. rogers. >> i hope this doesn't seem like a continual drum beat but if they make the park merced project go forward there is going to be a lot more traffic on 19th avenue. with that said i know the cameras are slowing people from going ac
her mixt her me tics en este tema. >>> la detenida dijo que querÍa llegar al Área de los angeles para dar a luz acÁ y reunirse con el padre de su hijo. >>> los padres presentados en su contra. >>> detenida deberÁ comparecer en corte la prÓxima semana, en los Ángeles, telemundo. >>> en semanas se celebra hallowen, una de las fechas mÁs esperadas por los niÑos, autoridades evitaron la venta de mÁs de mil disfraces fabricadoss en china porque superaban el nivel de momento, fueron incautados en la aduana antes de llegar a mano de los dis tribunaldores en seattle. >>> en minutos regresamos con la procuradurÍa de mÉxico que abre investigaciÓn contra funcionarios. >>> mujeres que muestran sus >> los enemigods los narc narcotraficantes estÁn afuera y dentro en casa, asÍ lo descub e descubrieron en la procuradorÍa, cateos de marinos uy soklldadosa informaciÓn que vendian a los hermanos ventran lei vva al chui guzman y otros. un es servidor publico ... >> no se dieron a com nocer e m nombre de los involucrados peor o se bvio a quieÉnes querÍan mata segÚn la subprocuradoria
angloamericanas para llegar a la audiencia bilingue. >> se ha hecho el principal canal de los angeles y california, y de todo el país. >> se rinde un homenaje a la afiliada de los angeles, kmex, por sus 50 años. >> los oscar y los globos dorados subieron al cuadrilatero para decir quienes tienen sus mejores presentadores. >> barbara streisser es una novia esplendida, le regaló este costoso reloj a uno de sus novios y ahora lo subasta en 4 mil dólares. >> la portada de esta revista es para "the hobbit", una de las películas más esperadas. que casi se detiene por un lio legal con guillermo del toro. >> regresamos con ustedes al estudio. >> te esperamos, muchas gracias, se han convertido en el terror de chino y nacho, veremos este reportaje, disfruten. >> con 4 años en el mundo musical, siguen tomando impulso con su música tropical romantica, y univisión estuvo invitado a la grabación de su video. >> tenemos una historia rara, por eso estamos vestidos así, el publico lo va a disfrutar mucho, esperemos que quede buenisimo. >> el video trata de 3 extraterrestres que llegan a la tierra. >> ve
to women and younger adults remain to be seen. edward lawrence for cbs news, los angeles. >>> a separate study suggests a diet high in pasta, bread and other complex carbohydrates may lead to mild cognitive impairment. a precursor to alzheimer. diets higher in proteins and fats have less of a chance of developing problems. straight ahead this morning, your thursday morning weather and in sports, intensity in the wnba finals as a coach loses her cool. the wnba finals as a coach loses her cool. vitamin d, done! hand sanitizer, done! hey, eric! i'm here for my flu shot. sorry, didn't make an appointment. well, you don't need one. whether it's flu shots or prescriptions, we continue to accept express scripts and medco plans. i'm bonnie, and this is my cvs. and every day since, two years ago, the people of bp made a commitment to the gulf. we've worked hard to keep it. bp has paid over twenty-three billion dollars to help people and businesses who were affected, and to cover cleanup costs. today, the beaches and gulf are open for everyone to enjoy -- and many areas are reporting their best to
ofensiva en los angeles para combatir el bullying contra jÓvenes homosexuales. >> la violencia en ntroamÉrica. exhumar los cuerpos. >> sigue entcreciendo el abrbro meningitis en los estados unidos, informaron de dos muertes mÁs, de esta forma la cifra de vÍctimas mortales se incrementÓ a 19 en 15 estados. el acoso o bi lunullying se ha convertido en un problema serio, y dos organismos se unieron con el propuso todo erradicarlo. el plan incluye entre otras cosas discusiones con drevensirectivo alumnos. >> para combatir la ind mido ci intimidaciÓn y el acoso. >> el tambiÉn llamado bullying al que con mÁs frecuencias se enfrentan en sus escuelas o a travÉs de las redes sociales. >> lo miran en la computadora, en la escuela, es muy duro y con ese sufrimiento no se puede por eso muchos de estos estudiantes se kuquitan la vida. >> el distrito escolar de los Ángeles, el segundo mas grande del paÍs y la organizaciÓn de homosexuales lesbianas y personas trans gÉneros mÁs grande del mundo unieron fuerza para desterrar el bullying en los centros escolares. >> que todos estÉn al
to remain in san francisco until sunday. then he says he'll head to los angeles to test the elmo market down there. >>> do you remember where you were 23 years ago today at 5:04 p.m.? the earth shook in the bay area. the anniversary of the loma prieta earthquake. many were watching the world series between the giants and the a's. how are we doing today? there is concern about the strength of the largest reservoir in santa clara county during a quake. one precaution is to keep the water at 68% of capacity. crews will begin retrofitting the dam in 2016 and construction should last about two years. as for what happened on that evening 23 years ago, you remember it well. the bay bridge collapsed and the marina district in san francisco burst into flames. 63 people died. >> and we'll be right back. >>> okay. let's look at what is coming up next on nbc bay area. >> jessica aguirre joins was the rundown. >> a possible breakthrough in the fight against cancer. learn what scientist says you should take to prevent the deadly disease. >>> and new at 6, we uncover the latest on a bay area police departm
a 30 day rule, they are applying a 25 day rule and los angeles has a 23 day rule, i think reducing the suspension, appropriate. >> and what do you feel would be an appropriate fine? >> $5,000. it's not the amount, it's not the amount of the money, it's what the impact is. if my client is willing to pay that, then he's willing to pay it. >> thank you. >> mr. kessler, do you have any rebuttal? you have time if you'd care to use it. no? okay. then, commissioners, the matter is submitted. >> five thousand is a lot of cigarettes. >> i don't think we're, we have jurisdiction to impose a fine in lieu of suspension or in addition to a reduced -- i was surprised to find absolutely no justification or excuse presented in the papers or oral presentation, absolutely no acknowledgement of the conduct at issue and any attempts to remedy it from happening in the futurement and for that reason i think the 30 days is appropriate. i think it's, if that was what the department decided and they could have gone up to 90, i think that's well within a reasonable amount of time. . >> i do find it tro
their pictures. you complete them. >> reporter: for "nightline," i'm juju chang in los angeles. >> all mothers are beautiful. thanks to juju for that. >>> next up, we're going to bring you shocking cell phone video, people paid to protect americans overseas, apparently drunk and partying on the job. the exclusive investigation, next. ♪ [ male announcer ] every time you say no to a cigarette you celebrate a little win. nicorette gum helps calm your cravings and makes you less irritable. quit one cigarette at a time. and makes you less irritable. sometimes life can be well, a little uncomfortable. but when it's hard or hurts to go to the bathroom, there's dulcolax stool softener. dulcolax stool softener doesn't make you go, it just makes it easier to go. dulcolax stool softener. make yourself comfortable. yes, you do! don't! do! whoa, kitchen counselor here. see cascade complete pacs work like micro-scrubbing brushes to help power away tough foods even in corners and edges. hmm! cascade. love it or your money back. >> announcer: "nightline" continues from new york city with terry moran. >> ton
working in los angeles. after being a patrol officer for just a few months, you are placed on gang detail. you have arrested a youth. instead of taking him to jail, you taken to his mother. the mother says, can you make him more afraid of you that of the gang members? the academy does not prepare you for that. i take that experience and i realized in the gang environment, most of these youths are coming from single- family households. in the area where the gang violence is most prevalent, great citizens of the community, 99% of those citizens are afraid. as a prosecutor, i take this experience and figure out how i want to enforce gang violence, especially in san francisco. i break it down into three categories. you have the individual who is not fully immersed in the gang lifestyle. he is just an associate comment just hanging out. -- associates, just hanging out. for that individual, we try to work with community-based programs. i've met with dcyf, the african- american steering committee, people haven't been in this violence and i say to them, what can -- people have been in this violen
worked as a public defender for 19 years in los angeles. she is now director of legal services. now i'm going to embarrass her. her name is ellie miller. there she is. [applause] public defenders are legal ministers. you are. you are part of this picture. ok. i will go back to what i was supposed to be doing, forgive me. i am going to -- we have heard everybody's contribution. now i want to talk about what is working and what is not working. i am going to ask each of the members to speak the truth to one another. let me direct some early remarks. you have suffered unimaginable pain. i will make an assumption that i can speak for the audience in singing, cannot imagine what would be like to be is a child. from that pain, from your community organizing, what do you say to the commander? it is not 1996 any more. what is going on? what do you say to him? what does he say to you? i will ask you to keep the remarks brief. commander, i will give you a chance to respond. you are hearing about all these things, what is your reaction? >> there needs to be more police sensitivity training in sfp
domestic violence policy for our city. other cities including los angeles and seattle have developed strong and effective policis and i'm supporting the department and the domestic violence consortium and groups to establish such a policy in san francisco to make us a leader in combating domestic violence in our communities. also today i stood with a number of my colleagues on the board, supervisor campos, kim, and supervisor olague, who has helped me and a grassroots coalition of senior and disability advocates. it's been a several-year effort from the grassroots organizations and leaders in many of our collaboratives as well. as background in 2011, i convened with supervisor olague and others and seniors and disability action. because this is a sector of our community that is growing and will face increasing challenges as they age in place. san francisco's official policy is to support seniors to age in place. however, san francisco has no comprehensive strategy for serving those by choice or circumstance live in residential hotels. a form of housing while relatively affordable and clo
things are pretty hot. 29 degrees in los angeles, but on the other side of the jet stream looking at denver at 18 degrees. that's going to be much warmer into your saturday, about 23. bismarck we're looking at 9 but finally into the double digits on your saturday. here in europe, we are going to be finding on andoff showers across the north and in the iberian peninsula, we still have to talk act the ongoing showers. already the ground is very loose from the previous rainfall, but, yes, another round of very heavy rain could target the region with frequent lightning and hail as well as damaging gusts not being ruled out. across the central portions and locations, you can see that clear skies will be up and about and also the temperatures not bad at all, berlin at 21 degrees, rome at 27. here's your extended forecast. >>> the french queen marie antoinette is known for her life of luxury. now a pair of her slippers has sold for more than $80,000. about 80 of the queen's personal items were put up for auction in paris. the event was held on anniversary of her execution in 1793. the pa
, the great artist had its head in [inaudible] that was in los angeles a couple of days ago, will be in berkeley tomorrow and then after that in new york of course, so there you are, that is how we are civilized together, how we are human beings that try to push ahead san francisco, paris, two cities that are destined to understand everything and do the maximum understanding because san francisco and paris believe in progress, know that it's difficult that progress of a factor of human development, we don't want to forget anybody, we want to shoulder each other, help each other so that the two cities, san francisco and paris be the most attractive cities in the world but also the most smiling cities in the world, the most -- the cities that are worth your affection and that express to the rest of the world their taste of friendship, fraternity, friendship and for that we have to be together, we have to wan -- want to draoe yait toing and we want to make sure that this memorandum of understanding, this understanding between paris and san francisco be a final way of saying t
tavis: good evening. from los angeles, i am tavis smiley. tonight, we continue our road to health series with one of the most overlooked aspects of health care, the doctor-patient relationship. dr. peter ubel is a scientist at duke university, who looks at how decisions are made and why. communications may hold the key for health care. his new book is called "critical decisions." we are glad you could join us with dr. peter ubel. right now. >> there is a saying that dr. king had that said there is always the right time to do the right thing. i just try to live my life every day by doing the right thing. we know that we are only halfway to completely eliminate hunger, and we have work to do. walmart committed $2 billion to fighting hunger in the u.s. as we work together, we can stamp hunger out. >> the california endowment. health happens in neighborhoods. learn more. >> and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. tavis: dr. peter ubel is a widely respected scientist and physicians at duke university. his latest text is called "critical decisions." do
and their families if they talked. this could lead to a new round of criminal cases. abc news los angeles. >> our team is putting the finishing touches on a six month investigation involving 30,000 of those files. we have obtained and reviewed them and for the first time you will seat size of the boy scouts sex abuse scandal. how some scouts were ignored while offenders were promised privacy. its part of a series starting october the 28th. >> nora virus outbreaks may endanger older americans. it could cause increased risk of going in to the hospital and death. researchers tracked patients at more than 300 nursing homes and found the chance of dying increased by 12% during the outbreak. the flu may not be to serious for younger people but in the elderly it's a lot worse. >> the staff get ill as well. the vomiting, a fever. they get over it in a couple of days. an older person can become dehydrated very quickly and don't get over it fast. >> the study points out that facility staff is better at handling situations. >> anti virus an easy way to protect your computer but it's a target for scammer
, only 12 degrees. meanwhile, 17 in seattle, to the south, unseasonably hot conditions remaining in los angeles, coming in at 31 degrees on your thursday. out toward the east, nice and comfortable along the eastern seaboard. 23 in washington, d.c.. finally, let's go over to europe. we are seeing a completely different picture between the u.s. and the rest of europe. this high pressure system is quite strong and stubborn, these low pressure systems cannot move toward the east. that means unstable weather will continue across the region as we head into the weekend. meanwhile nice clear skies for the rest of europe. temperatures much average than average. 17 degrees in vienna. meanwhile dropping down into the mid teens in lisbon. it should be cooling down into 15 degrees as we head into your friday. that is the weather for now. up next is your three-day outlook. >>> one more story before we go. the french queen marie antoinette is known for a life of luxury. now a pair of her slippers has sold for more than $80,000. about 80 of the queens personal items were put out for auction in paris. t
are quite hot in los angeles. 31 degrees expected. that's about four degrees cooler than it w on tuesday, but still much above average. meanwhile, cooling down into the lower 20s in oklahoma city and mild conditions across the eastern seaboard. 23 in washington and 20 degrees in new york city. finally, let's go over to europe. we're seeing a quite different picture across the northwest and the rest of europe. a couple of low pressure systems are bringing strong winds and rain across the british isles. the western edge of the continent and the southern scandinavian peninsula because this high pressure system is quite stubborn. these low pressure systems cannot move towards the east. that means unstable weather will continue throughout the day. meanwhile, quite warm for this time of year. about 20 degrees in berlin and 17 degrees in vienna. warmer than average temperatures will likely continue as we head into the weekend. meanwhile, quite chilly in lisbon. only 15 degrees on thursday. here's the extended forecast. >>> a u.s. maker of amphibious vehicles is breaking new ground. it's launchi
in sacramento believe that spending more is the answer. that is clearly not the case. i think that los angeles county they spent $9,000 per student in public school system. the average cost of private school $6,000. i support the voucher system that allow the parents to put the children in charter schools, private schools, what we cannot escape is that the school system is broken, again, let's ask the senator, why did the senator support, why did the senator oppose legislation that one of his fellow democrats proposed that would remove dangerous teachers that were convicted of crimes from the classroom and from the public roles? i would like to know the answer to that. >> thank you. mr. leno. >> the 47 out of 50 states figure that miss dillan used is not in educational out comes it is in per pupil. we rank 47th. >> as a result we rank 50 as the number of counselors and the number of nurses in our schools and the number of libranias in. you get what you pay for. >> our state has been starved for cash for the past ten years as a result of tax cuts the state could not afford that the prior govern
to los angeles county, monterrey to sacramento. >> we don't have an exact number of how many wells in the state are fracture stimulated. >> you don't know? >> we don't know each individual well. >> reporter: tim cusack is the top administrator at the geo thermal resources. >> as a scientist wouldn't you want to know? it is something that you should have. >> certainly we want to know and they are willing to provide it. >> reporter: right now all of the reporting and data collecting is voluntary. >> is california behind the curve on this? >> we may be behind the curve on some of the disclosure of information but ahead of the curve on construction. >> reporter: california state law requires strict monitoring, reporting and regulating any oil well construction, but it doesn't require the same for fracking, not even a permit. >> end fracking now! >> reporter: fracking is a technique that raised serious health concerns in communities all over the country where it is used to mine natural gas. in some communities, drinking water has even caught fire from the high levels of fracking chemica
. i think los angeles, where i'm from, there was no supervision for misdemeanors by the probation department. those individuals were on court summary probation which meant go home and sin no more. and if you do, you'll be back here to
there was not a large population here. i moved from los angeles and it's grown 50,000 people in those years. i don't want to see it grow further per se and i'm not a fan of developing more housing but to answer the question if we add more housing i would say loosen up the rules to allow homeowners to create inlaw apartments and that way you open up unit availability at some level for additional housing. other than that i would be opposed to any new construction of any major land use of development for housing including the three major projects in the pipeline. >> mr. rogers. >> if there is going to be development it could be in the trans bays terminal that is truly close to rapid transit. walking distance to bart. walking distance to the train that heads down south. this would be an ideal place for a development to occur. a place like park merced where you have 17,000 people would be moving in there. 6,000 parking stalls, a car dependent project, right next to 19th avenue. you folks know how bad that is. how would it be better if we had more people living in park merced? i don't think so.
and los angeles after that as well. las vegas is a 70,000 square foot club. that is quite different. >> thank you. any questions from the public? yes. >> well good evening commissioners. i am also a long time 22 year resident and i want to discuss and also present to you i have seen a lot of positive changes in this one is a good one. during that time some 13 years ago there was a very cool selma chang high restaurant located there and it now closed and the lounge and if you remember and it's now closed. a great place to be to hang your hat and really the wind of the world and i want to show you my positive feelings about having this dining come to the area. as you also know even down on union street there is a asian street fair restaurant called [inaudible] and that opened after the loma parada earthquake and revitalized that nairksd there so i am hoping with this new venture that happens at one kearney street as i understand it and welcome and not to make it too pricey. >> we will get an early bird special going. >> all right. any other public comment? seeing none the matt
swimmer's waves. this is for the los angeles police department which was built
impulsada por la onda, llegará a california, desde abril no hay este tipo de tormentas, el sur, los angeles ha habido calor, después mejora, 76, y continua descendiendo la temperaturas, san francisco que tiene calor, bastante calor ayer, y debe descender 3 o 4 grados más. >> una experiencia virtual le ayuda a los >> es parte del equipo virtual. >> una mesa para 4 personas, doblan todas las toallas. >> luego se entrena para enfrentar una dura realidad. >> siento cosquillas en los dedos y no veo nada. >> todavía le falta doblar las toallas >> no sé si me lo puse al derecho y al revés, tareas que duran 5 minutos ahora toman 15. >> ¿viste los vasos en la mesa? >> no. >> ponte el agua. >> después de varios minutos encontró el agua, pero lo más complicado fue buscar y ponerse la camisa. >> fue difícil, >> el experimento hace reflexionar y vivir en carne propia lo que siente una persona de la tercera edad. >> muchas veces sale la persona llorando, una persona entra y se desespera y salen, porque es mucho para ellos. >> para estos jovencitos la experiencia ha sido valiosa. >> yo no imag
.s. from bank los angeles debra? january on a student versace a he attended southeast missouri state during the spring semester studying cybersecurity. in july, he contactsed a confidential informant saying he wanted to form a terror cell. he met with undercover agents in september telling them he wanted to become a martyr for al-qaeda. he chose the target of the federal reserve and was supplied with enactive materials to make a 1,000 pound bach. official say he made several attempts to detonate it in lower manhattan and was then arrested. peter king says the fbi rightly let this one play out. >> they did not want this case to break out in the open as quickly as it did because they wanted to try to get more information out of him as to possible other al-qaeda operatives here in the united states. i have have no reason to believe he is not a lone wolf other than the fact that during the course of the investigation, he did talk about having contact back in bangladesh and in yemen also, i believe. >> the fbi stresses that the plot never posed an actual risk. there was no allegation that he rec
," david wright, abc news, los angeles. >>> it is time, now, for the weather. and sam champion. >> we're going to talk about the timing of these storms because they're not when you would normally expect them to be on the eastern seaboard. look at the red zone. and find out if you're in the middle of this. this is the system that sets up and storms all night long. raleigh, norfolk, washington, d.c. myrtle beach, and charleston, south carolina, will get powerful thunderstorms on the overnight. this is what happens in the northwest. see that front right there? today, it's not a big deal for you. tomorrow and the next day, that front drops towards california, call it, maybe toward the bay area. that means we're wet and rainy late tonight into the day tomorrow. but today, you'll carve out a decent day. a look at the big board. you can see it's warm in the >> america's weather, brought to you by macy's. george? elizabeth? >> thank you, sam. >>> here's a question. are you a honey boo boo fan? or you wonder what all of the fuss is about? we're going to look at the redneck revolution taking ov
. >> you hear about grooming in stories like this. paul, thank you so much for us from los angeles. >>> we have details in the alleged plot to blow up the federal reserve building with a 1,000-pound. the feds and the new york agents busted this 21-year-old bangladeshi man trying to denate what he thought was a bomb. police say the man who's in custody, he was in the u.s. on a student visa, came for a reason, to destroy america. maggie lake, i want do go straight to you for us in new york and walk me through this. who is this guy? how close to carrying this out? >> brooke, 21 years old, from bangladesh. came on a student visa back in january to study in missouri but did not -- he went a spring semester there. he was living in jamaica, queens. authorities say he came with the intent to perform a jihad on the united states. he wanted to recruit others to his plot, reached out via social media to someone who happened to be an informant for the fbi. that person in turn put him in touch with an actual fbi agent working undercover, posing as an al qaeda operative who he then monitored him, they p
is in san francisco until sunday before he heads to los angeles. he is in search for other elmo friendly markets where he can work. >> let's bring in our meteorologist jeff ranieri. we're tracking the rain and the heat. >> temperatures well above average, we had low to mid 90s in the north bay, record setting heat, upper 80s and low 90s for the east bay. now we slowly turned to see numbers come down. mild especially in santa rosa. 80. also 82 in livermore. nice night for dinner outside. to the live sky camera network. that's not clouds, that's the haze here as that air quality continues to settle down in the silicon valley. for san francisco, unusual heat with this dry offshore wind, 10 to 20 miles per hour. we did produce 84 degrees in downtown. and we're not done with the heat. the national weather service has prompted a red flag fire warning that will continue throughout tomorrow morning for the northeast and also for the south bay hills, the largest concern for the north bay hills, winds 15 to 25 miles per hour through tomorrow morning, also some very low humidity. so, please extreme
on today. los angeles lots of sunshine 76. new york city later on into tomorrow we could see showers otherwise. good looking forecast if you are headed to the airport. >> janice dean the weather machine hard at work this morning. >> starting lineup. a roundup of sports stories making headlines at this hour. the cardinals making a 2-1 lead in the series against the giants. st. louis won 3-2 after a more than 3 hour rain delay. game four is tonight. the yankees live to see another day in the alcs only because game four in detroit was rained out. it will be played this afternoon. derek jeter already out. opening day is in doubt. he is having surgery on his broken ankle. the recovery time 4-5 months. >> he may be done with the olympics but michael phelps still winning. naming him the fittest man of all times. he sited his workout regimen and all of his achievements. bruce lee was number 2. >>> it is time now to step into the fox light. up first a sneak peak at the finale at one of the hottest shows on tv right now. >> we have a sneak peak of power corruption and greed that's what you can
lakes. the warm temperatures will be throughout parts of the southwest. los angeles moderating back down into the lower 70s now. 60s for boston and new york city. for the weekend on saturday, high pressure taking over for much of the southeast. still some showers throughout parts of the eastern lakes and parts of the northeast, northwest also going to see some shower activity. then on sunday another cold front moving through the plains. we're going to see things really start to dry out in the northeast as well. things should be much quieter throughout much of the south from the southwest to the southeast and the great lakes getting a little bit of a break. in fact warming back up on monday for chicago. 69. kansas city 79 degrees. then a couple more systems we're going to be dealing with on tuesday. you're going to see one moving through the great lakes and one moving into the pacific northwest while things are still pretty quiet in the southeast. remember week days on the weather channel you can wake up with al. [ male announcer ] this is sheldon, whose long dy setting up the news starts
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ferguson out in los angeles. hi lisa, good morning. >> hey bill. good morning everyone. president obama and mitt romney are both capitalizing on the debate spin this week. particularly in going after women voters. and can you guess what the number one search term on google was yesterday? binders full of women. not only is that one not playing well for romney, it is not even true. those binders came from a group called the massachusetts government appointments project which put the list together before romney was even elected. so for him to say he requested groups of qualified women is a flat-out lie. romney did hire several new women but by the end of his term, the number of women in top positions was actually lower than it was when he took office. >>> romney's going after the president nonetheless saying there are more women in poverty now than when obama took office but the president is hammering home on romney's views on fair pay. here he was yesterday in eye what. >> when young women graduate, they should get eq
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